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E d u c a t i o n   
Empowering Individuals to find
power in the family
...through Preparedness, Organization, Wellness, Education and Relationship

Respect, love, work, togetherness, faith, forgiveness and fun are what make the family a force powerful enough to make it through each day in today's world. Find that POWER IN YOUR FAMILY by developing and strengthening these 5 areas: Preparedness, Organization, Wellness, Education and Relationship.

Functional families
are essential to the
well-being of society!

Education is the power to better myself
and my family in all areas of life.

I can be educated by SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES for
CONTINUAL academic and moral learning at home, in school,
FROM MY EXPERIENCES and through other means.

  • Education includes more that just academics. It includes gaining knowlege of any kind, including knowlege that will help me grow and develop a strong character, worthwhile hobbies and marketable skills.
  • Seeking Opportunities to learn not only refers to finding the best schools or classes for my situation, but also includes learning how to learn so I will be albe to find learning opportunities wherever I go and whatever I do. When I am able to find learning opportunites in my experiences I will be able to create new opportunities to learn for myself or my family by specifically setting up or choosing experiences in order to learn.
  • Continual Learning is about recognizing how much learning can expand my world and make me a better person. As I desire to grow and progress I will seek for learning in a variety of ways and throughout my entire life.
  • Learning from my Experiences refers to using life as my teacher, but knowing that it is not a automatic process. When I learn how to reflect on my expereience and summarize what happened to help or hurt a situation, I will then be able to apply that knowledge by using that information to affect my future experiences. This cycle can continue on and on many times throughout each day and in my lifetime. Through this process learning becomes part of me and helps me apply my knowledge in useful and wise ways.

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" The proper time to influence
the character of a child is
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- William Ralph Inge

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